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Are you new to art and don’t know where to start? You can take any course or workshop at the Vancouver Island School of Art without being enrolled in the Certificate Program. Most of our courses are suitable for beginners or for people who have taken a long hiatus from their creative side. The learning experience will be for your own personal growth and development. You can work at your own pace with the amount of available time you have to commit to the course.

Students can take courses and workshops on an individual basis outside of the Certificate Program.

As of September 1st, 2021 individual courses and workshops will not be graded. For current students who have already accumulated hours through graded courses prior to September 1st, those hours may be applied to the Certificate program a later date through course exemptions.

For new students taking Individual Courses who are considering applying to our Certificate program at a later date, we advise you to review the Certificate mandatory course requirements as those courses may be considered for course exemptions.

Regardless of course exemptions, to achieve a certificate a total of 504 course hours must be completed while enrolled in the Certificate program.

Note: to be eligible for admission to the Vancouver Island School of Art all persons must have a high school diploma or Mature Student status (19 years or over).