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All workshops can be taken for credit towards one of our PROGRAMS (Certificate or Diploma).

Unless noted, all workshops have materials included and are suitable for beginners.

All workshops are held at the Quadra Village Campus (950 Kings Rd) unless otherwise noted.

Geology as Art (DRWGw173-3)

Did you ever collect rocks as a kid or perhaps you still like to collect them as you walk along the ocean? Geology, or the study of the earth’s surface provides an incredible source for the visual artist. This workshop focuses on three components of geology: striations, rock formations and crystal structures as subject matter for drawing. Examples of artists whose work is inspired by geology will be shown. Projects include using pencils, watercolour, collage and dirt.
March 31 Sunday, 1pm - 4pm
Wendy Welch
Tuition: $85.00 (3 hrs) (materials included)
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Drawing Perspective: All You Need to Know (DRWGw171-6)

Devised in the Italian Renaissance, linear perspective is a system of creating the illusion of depth in drawing and painting. Knowing and applying a few simple rules will help you to create convincing interior and exterior spaces. In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to use one and two-point perspective to draw remembered rooms, invented spaces, and to work from life and from photographs.
April 7 Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Neil McClelland
Tuition: $175.00 (6 hrs) (materials included)

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