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All workshops can be taken for credit towards one of our PROGRAMS (Certificate or Diploma).

Unless noted, all workshops have materials included and are suitable for beginners.

Storytelling with Video (PHOT w221-12)

This workshop will look at shared and personal experiences of place through narrative-based video. Focusing on our lived experiences, we will consider many different of ways of navigating and negotiating being in space, and what things we are attentive to in our environments, both individually and collectively. Storytelling prompts given in this workshop will explore the ways in which we move through space; for example, is there a place (your street/childhood home/the forest/the mall/the bathroom etc.) where you experience or move through space differently? What stands out for you about this location? Why? This workshop will cover different ways of working with video as a medium, including shooting with a camera and stop-motion animation and will provide introductions and demonstrations on both the technical and conceptual aspects of creating video. Participants will learn several approaches to video in an improvised and collaborative setting. New, beginner and experienced video-makers welcome. Equipment necessary for course: DSLR camera with video (preferable) or a video camera and laptop (iPhone can be used if you do not have a DSLR camera or video camera) No previous experience required.
Aug 19 & 26 Sundays, 10am - 5pm - Cancelled
Kerri Flannigan
Tuition: $225 (12 hrs) No supplies other than what is listed in description.

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Painting and Text (PNTG w267-30)

This workshop focuses on creating work that uses written text as the basis for narrative series. Students will be asked to bring texts that interest them as the basis for visual work (examples: poetry, memoir, historical record, fiction or myth.) Over the course of the workshop, we will examine strategies related to visual arts media including painting, drawing and collage. Text may be incorporated into the work itself or just used as a point of departure. The workshop will feature hands-on work, demos, one-on-one instruction, and critique, as well as slide shows providing examples. Some painting experience recommended.
Aug 20 - 24 Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm
John Luna
Tuition: $315 (30 hrs) Discount Price
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