Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Monoprinting: Painting & Collage PRNT219-36


- mark makinging tools such as an old comb, serated plastic knife, tile spreader, silicone shaping tools, old chopsticks, palette knife, rubber squeegee… anything to move ink and paint around with
- 3 rolls Scott blue shop towels
- 11x14 pad of white or Natural Stonehenge paper or 4-6 full sheets ripped into quarters ( Paper is available at VISA) for $4.00 per sheet
- roll of Green painters tape
- Xacto knife or small pair of scissors
- 4 foam brushes 3” or 4”
- medium size bottle of acrylic gloss medium (both Opus and Island Blue have “house brands”)
- small size bottle of acrylic Matte medium ( both Opus and Island Blue have “house brands”)
- 4-­11x14 or 12x16 hardboard panels or cradled panels (cheap 12x16 cradled panels available at some Dollar Stores)
- acrylic paints, student set is fine
- selection of larger ½­-2” acrylic paint brushes ( available from dollar store)
- small bottle white gesso (buy a professional grade­-any brand)
- bottle of Purell hand cleaner
- roll of Reynolds white freezer paper (available from Fairways & Thriftys)
- package of cellulose sponges (available at London drugs, hardware stores)

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.