Vancouver Island School of Art

2nd floor, 950 Kings Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Abstract Landscape & Collage PNTGw269-12


Please note that expenses can be minimized by purchasing many items at a grocery store/ hardward store or the dollar store.

Essential material Items for each student:

- Several (3-4) assorted foam brushes for gluing paper, glazing & priming (1”,2”,3”) Hardware Store
- Foam roller from Hardware store
- 3 rolls of blue “shop towels”- available at Canadian Tire & Cosco
- A roll of green painters tape to mask panel edges and create hard edges
- Roll of white Reynolds “Freezer Paper”- available in Grocery stores ( Fairways, Thrifty's)

- Any Acrylic paints you might want to paint with. A student set is fine so are craft acrylics if you have them. Fluid acrylics and acrylic inks are also very useful.
- Matte Gel Medium -medium container
- Matte medium- medium size
- Gloss medium- medium size
- White acrylic gesso- medium size any brand (“BUZZ” the Opus House brand is very good)

- Bottle of Purell hand cleaner
- Bottle of Windex
- 3-4 11x14” ¼” hardboard panels The harboard panels are a good alternative and very cost effective. The size is easy to transport
and you can frame them easily. If you prefer larger sizes you may want to consider cradled panels as the hardboard panels may warp.
- An assortment of tools that you don't mind getting covered in acrylic medium and or plaster such as, palette knife, a spatula, an
exacto or snap off blade knife, tweezers, single edge razor blade.
- Acrylic brushes, ( a selection of sizes ¼”-1”)
- A cellulose sponge- (dollar store)
- 2-4 used large yogurt or plastic containers with lids that can be used to mix paint/plaster in
- a good pair of rubber or nitrile gloves for doing plaster work and image transfer work.
- mixed media pad of paper ( heavier paper-hot press smooth finish) 11x14

Optional media: Chalk pastels, water soluble graphite crayons, metallic powders, china markers, Prisma coloured pencils, water soluble pencils, carandache water soluable crayons. Acrylic Inks or fluid acrylics particularly burnt umber, raw umber, burn’t sienna, raw sienna, Alcohol based stains or inks, distressing inks, walnut ink,

Other optional items:
- Any stencils, rubber stamps, rubber or silicone shaping tools, dried plant materials, leaves,

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.