Vancouver Island School of Art

2nd floor, 950 Kings Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Still Life Painting PNTGw212-12


-two surfaces to paint on: pre-gessoed canvases 24 x 30 (approx)
-acrylic or oil paints: colours of your choice; be sure to include white and black
-mediums: matte medium for acrylic; linseed oil and odorless mineral spirits for oil (VISA has both linseed oil and mineral spirits if you dont have your own)
-brushes: a variety of sizes and shapes, eg. round, flat), pencil (2B), charcoal (two sticks willow)
-disposable palette (comes in a pad with individual sheets) or other kind of palette you like to use

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.