Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Colour in Painting PNTGw170-6


Paints: bring in your choice of acrylics, oils or watercolour (a range of colours that include primaries, secondaries and neutrals).

Mediums: gloss medium for acrylic; odourless mineral spirits for oil in a sealed container or jar

Brushes: appropriate brushes to go with the paint you are using in range of sizes (small, medium and large)

Surfaces: pad of canvas paper and two or three small stretched canvases (pad and canvases 12 x 14 approx) for oil or acrylics, or paper for watercolour

Palette for mixing paints: disposable gray palette for acrylic or oils, or plastic for watercolour

Please bring: oranges in a blue bowl, OR avocados and red peppers on white surface (plate, cloth etc)

Also please bring one or two old colour photographs

Paper is available for purchase at the school.