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Supply List - Painting: Monochrome and Collage PNTGw145-12


NB: The supply list for this workshop has been made with the assumption that participants may have painted before; therefore, all suggestions are approximate and left to the individual student’s discretion.

- Acrylic (a limited range of pigments, see below. NB: oils could also could be used for this workshop)

- Brushes and painting tools (different sizes from medium to large, relative to see size of supports, see below)

- mediums for painting (matte and/or gloss medium for acrylics; linseed oil and odorless mineral spirits for oils)

supports: a variety of surfaces to work on:

- formal supports – 3 stretched canvas or cradled panels suggested typical size 16 x 20 - 24 x 30

- informal supports – 3-5 sheets of heavy paper (Bristol board, watercolour paper or similar) or cardboard (oil painters should pre-prime these surfaces with acrylic gesso, acrylic medium, or PVA glue)

- sketchbook (no set size)

- simple drawing tools (vine charcoal, soft pencils, erasers, etc.)

- basic collage supplies (scissors/x-acto blade, glue, tape)

- All purpose PVA glue (WELDBOND or Opus All Purpose Glue, for example)

Other supplies you may wish to have on hand:

- gesso (acrylic dispersion primer)

- rags, palettes and other materials you use for painting


- A list of pigments (whichever paints you are accustomed to. Below is a typical list for beginners interested in learning to mix a wide range of hues.)

Titanium white

Mars (or other) black

Two similar (analogous) hues from one colour family of your choice. For example:

- Cadmium yellow deep, hue or similar (Hansa, etc.) and Lemon yellow or Hansa yellow light


- Cadmium red middle (hue or similar – Pyrrole red, etc.) and either Permanent Alizarin crimson or hue (Quinacridone crimson, etc.) or Cadmium red light (hue or similar, Vermillion, etc.)


- Cobalt blue (or hue) and either Ultramarine blue or Pthalo blue

Etc. (this same approach could be applied to other colour families: greens, violets, oranges, metallics, etc.)

Paper is available for purchase at the school.

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.