Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Painting: Stripes as Structure & Subject PNTGs236-18


Items for first class:

A collection of Coloured paper scraps (Called a paper palette) for making studies for paintings. If you haven’t collected paper before we will be able to find some materials in the magazines at the school. Also you will need a selection of acrylic paints as this is a second level class you will already have these. Supplies for making paper collage maquettes for painting proposals ( These are often
finished artworks in their own right). Exacto knife, Pencil, Ruler, Glue Stick, and Cardstock.

Additional Items to be discussed at first class:

You do not need to bring canvases to the first class, students class are encouraged to plan, formulate and construct their own stretcher frames (Painting supports) – this may not always be possible because of time and stretcher making experience so pre-made canvases may be purchased at an art supply store. Although not all of the projects will require Hard edge painting this approach often requires taping of edges which works much better with a panel behind the canvas or working on a wooden cradle. Unless students need to purchase their canvases before the course begins, it may be better to purchase the correct format and scale of canvas for each proposal (exercises will be demonstrated in class to create proposals). Having said this for those who need to purchase their stretcher frames before a design is created go ahead and purchase 4 or 5 canvas supports for instance 20 x 20, 24x 30, 12 x 48
Other supplies:
NOT NEEDED FOR THE FIRST CLASS but you will need and assortment of Acrylic Paint and Frog tape and brushes and rollers

Paper is available for purchase at the school.