Vancouver Island School of Art

2nd floor, 950 Kings Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Painting: Plein Air PNTGs233-18


Items needed for the first class:

-small watercolour block approximately 9 x 12
-watercolour brushes: inch flat, #12
-field watercolour set (with mixing palette)
-screw cap jar (mason jar) and a packet of Kleenex for blotting brushes

Additional items to be discussed:

Choose either acrylic or oil. Medium sized tubes of paint may be more appropriate for field-work, however larger sized tubes are more economical. Please consider a wide range of colours but be sure to have these basic colours in your kit:
- Titanium White
- Cadmium Red Deep
- Quinacridone Red (or Magenta)
- Cobalt Blue (or Hue)
- Pthalo blue
- Cerulean blue (or hue)
- Ultramarine blue
- Cadmium Yellow Medium
- Sap green
- Chromeoxide Green
- Raw umber
- Raw Sienna

- small tube of medium for oils ie: liquin, galkyd, etcetera...

- variety of brushes; filberts, rounds and flats of various sizes (approx 12 brushes)
-small metal palette knife
-disposable palette pad
- two mason jars with lids (1/2 litre approx) and another larger Mason jar (1 litre)
- bottle of water (for acrylics) or odourless mineral spirits or citrus thinner (for oils)
- small lightweight toolbox that will hold all the materials will be useful
- field easel (compact and portable steel or aluminum)
- bag or box for rags, thinners and jars

Other materials:
- pencils
- willow charcoal
- rags
- portable stool (if standing for extended periods of time is uncomfortable)

Painting Surfaces:
-three canvases:16 x 20 or smaller if you prefer. These are field-work canvases so portability is important
- watercolour block (beginning on the first class as noted above)
- sketchbook

Please be mindful that this is a plein air painting class so portability of tools and material is important ie: small and lightweight. The locations for this class will be easily accessible.

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.