Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Abstract Painting: Structure & Expression PNTGs212-18


Paints & Mediums:
- acrylic or oil: black, white, Payne's Grey, red, yellow, blue, green (any other colours of personal preference)
- acrylic painters: gel/mediums: gloss, matte; liquid, medium, heavy (some or all of those)
- oil painters: thinner (odorless mineral spirits and/or linseed oil and/or Liquin Original); medium - Oleopasto (Winsor Newton); heavy- Cold Wax Medium (Gamblin)

- palette - disposable palette 9"x 12" & or 12" x 16" ( can use plexi glass, plastic containers, etc)
- brushes: a variety including a small #4 to large #12
- house paint brushes: 1" and 2" (one each)
- palette knives: two or more
- canvas - one for 1st class stretched and prepared with gesso 20" x 24" (sides at least 1 1/2")
- will discuss sizes and materials for future classes
- sketchbook - large format
- bring to first class : pictures (that can be cut up) of architecture you resonate with that could be from a particular architect, country, a place, time in history; hey can be interior (eg. staircases, windows, plumbing fixtures, hardware). or exterior (eg. rooflines, trusses, windows, swimming pools). urban, suburban, rural. (focus on shapes, angles, shadows, reflections, sculptural composition).

Paper is available for purchase at the school.