Vancouver Island School of Art

2nd floor, 950 Kings Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Painting: Colour and Form PNTG267-36


Supplies needed for the first class:

- collection of coloured paper scraps (to make a "paper palette" for making studies for paintings - if you havenít collected paper before
you will be able to find materials in the magazines at the school)
- Coloraid (optional)
- x-acto knife
- pencil (mechchanical or regular)
- ruler
- protractor and compass (optional)
- glue stick

Additional Supplies to be discussed:

- acrylic paint
- frog tape
- brushes and rollers

Students in this class are encouraged to plan, formulate and construct their own
stretcher frames (painting supports). Hard edge painting requires taping of edges
and it works much better with a mahogany door panel behind the canvas.

If you are unable to build your own supports they can be purchased ready made.

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.