Vancouver Island School of Art

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Supply List - Watermedia Painting PNTG266-36


Items required for the first class:

WATERCOLOUR PAINT: Winsor Newton* is the preferred brand; get 14ml tubes of the following colours: Winsor Red, Winsor Blue, Winsor Yellow, Winsor Green, Winsor Orange and Winsor Violet

* if you find another brand you would prefer to use due to price just be sure to buy six colours (red, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet)

GOUACHE PAINT: M Graham is a preferred brand: get 15ml tubes: white, black and two colours of your choice (pick two colours that you really like)

BRUSHES: synthetic sable #12 round, # 6 round, 1" flat


Paper is available for purchase at school. We sell Fabriano cold press, 140lb, 22 x 30" for $8/sheet. If you find watercolour paper on sale at an art supply store, and you want to take advantage of a lower price, you can buy any watercolour paper that is made of "rag" and is cold pressed and 140lb (Arches, Winsor Newton are also popular brands). We will be using 1/4 sheets and 1/2 sheets as well as full sheets. We will also be using less expensive papers for practice which I will provide. You will probably need at least six full sheets of watercolour paper for the duration of course.

-plastic palette(s) for mixing paint –white plates or plastic lids can also be used

-spray bottle

-2H and 2B pencils

-all purpose sketchpad (8 x 10")

-white plastic eraser, pencil sharpener

-sheet of blotting paper

To be purchased later on:

-set of watercolour pencils (12)

-roll of tracing paper (at least 22" wide)


-Donna Conna board (a soft board to attach WC paper to –to be discussed in class)

-map pins (to be discussed)

A full supply list will be distributed and discussed during the first class.
Paper is available for purchase at the school.