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Supply List - Landscape Photography PHOT s207


Supplies needed for the first class:

- Functional Camera with manual (a Film SLR, Medium Format Camera or a Digital Camera) with the ability to change: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Students may choose to work with a digital, film camera or a combination of both for the class.

Additional supplies to be discussed:

- 3 ring note book, note paper and pen
- tripod (optional but very useful)
- warm clothing and rain gear for shooting field trips
- sketch book

Ways of working will be discussed in class:

Students may choose to work with film or digital cameras.
*For film, please note: Students will need to have film and prints developed at a local lab due to the shorter class timeline.

If students are working digitally they will need to have or (have access to) a Desktop or Laptop Computer with Photoshop or similar photo editing software loaded (CS Photoshop, Lightroom or Adobe Elements). Students may wish to make use of the free online trial version of Photoshop found online or to use student discounts for software.

The following supplies are used in most studio courses and should be included in your basic toolkit:
- pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser
- scissors
- glue stick
- sketchbook

**Paper is available for purchase at the school