Vancouver Island School of Art

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Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Photographic Projects PHOTs202-18


For the first class:

Students may choose to work with film, digital photography or a combination for the course. Please bring your intended camera(s) (in working order w/ manual) and a notebook to every class.

Additional items to be discussed:

- Students must have a functional CAMERA for the length of the class, (with a working light meter &manual) Your camera must have MANUAL CONTROLS including: (the ability to set your aperture, shutter speed and film speed).

- A tripod is strongly recommend but not mandatory.

If students choose to work in Black and White the School does have a B&W darkroom and your film, photo paper and chemistry will need to be purchased. Orientation to these facilities will be organized. If students are working with colour film, your film development and printing will need to be arranged with a local lab. Or if you are working digitally, a portable hard drive (USB Stick) and/or a working laptop with Photoshop (CS, Elements or Lightroom) is required for your post-production needs.

Paper is available for purchase at the school.