Vancouver Island School of Art

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Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Assemblage: Collage in a Box MMEDs115-18


Buy what you can at the Dollar Store, Home Hardware and Canadian Tire before going to an art supply store since art supplies can be expensive. You will also need a tote or transport bin to bring materials to class.

-3 to 4 9x12, 10x10, 12x12 cradled panels or found boxes such as old wooden cases, cigar boxes, painters boxes, electrical boxes, check in thrift stores

-Small glue gun and glue sticks

-Pair of tweezers

-Snap off blade or Xacto knife small embroidery scissors

-Foam Sanding block (medium grit)

-Cutting surface (old piece of matt board or hardboard)

-Foam brushes in several sizes (found at hardware stores) look for larger brushes (2" 3"-4")

-Medium bottle of Stevensons acrylic matte GEL medium (ONLY buy this brand)

-Small bottle of Weldbond white glue

-Small bottle of acrylic matte medium

-Medium bottle of acrylic white gesso

-White Reynolds freezer paper (available at Fairway Markets)

-Selection of black and white & colour photocopied ( toner based NOT ink jet) images to collage together (bring more than you need)maps, sheet music

-Selection of small objects such as beach stones, childrens toys, combs, small bottles, ping pong balls, dried plants, doll parts, to collage together (bring more than you need, use your imagination)

-Roll of green painters tape

-3 ring binder or notebook for class notes

-Roll of Shop towels or rags

If you have any questions about supplies please contact instructor at: