Vancouver Island School of Art

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Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - The Painted Photograph MMEDs112-18


Buy what you can at the Dollar Store, Michaels and Canadian Tire before going to an art supply store since art supplies can be expensive. You will also need a tote or transport bin to bring materials to class.

- 6 to 8, 11x14 unprimed natural Masonite/ Hardboard panels (have a sheet of natural Masonite/hardboard cut down at either Castle or Home depot) in preparation for later classes

- Snap off blade or Xacto knife or small embroidery scissors
Foam Sanding block (medium grit)
- Cutting surface (old piece of matt board or hardboard)

- Foam brushes in several sizes (found at hardware stores) look for larger brushes (2" 3"-4")

- Large bottle of Stevensons acrylic matte GEL medium (ONLY buy this brand)

- Small bottle of Liquitex clear gesso (ONLY buy this brand)

- Small bottle of acrylic matte medium

- Medium bottle of acrylic white gesso

- White Reynolds freezer paper (available at Fairway Markets)

- Selection of black and white & colour photocopied ( toner based NOT ink jet) photographic images to collage together (bring more than you need)

- Selection of acrylic painting brushes (available at dollar store) 1/4",1/2",3/4",1",

- Roll of green painters tape

- Roll of Clear shelf Paper (Home Hardware store)

- 3 ring binder or notebook for class notes

- Package of coloured pencils

- Assorted set of Acrylic paints (student quality are fine)

- Rolls of Shop towels or rags

If you have any questions about supplies please contact instructor at: