Vancouver Island School of Art

2nd floor, 950 Kings Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Drawing from Fabric DRWGw246-30


2-3 fabric swatches or patterns from your personal collection (found fabrics such as old clothes or quilts, knitting patterns, silks, brocades or printed fabric)
graphite pencils
colouedr pencils or watercolour pencils
vine charcoal
masking tape
white glue, small covered jar and bristle brush to use with glue
watercolour or gouache and brushes
india or chinese ink for use with brush
drawing nib and nib holder
tracing paper (roll, 24)
large (22x30") paper support for collages: may be cardboard, newsprint, cartridge paper, or tag board/card stock
4-6 large (22x30") sheets of white or off-white paper appropriate for water media (Arches watercolour, Stonehenge, BFK Rives all available in the office).

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.