Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Painting on Drawing DRWGw204-30


Please bring a full range of drawing and painting material (what you have) to the first class.

Please consider working with acrylic paint.

Please purchase 5-10 sheets of paper that can both accept drawing and painting produces. Paper minimum size should be 22x30, 250 grams.

Drawing supplies:
- pencils
- Graphite stick
- Any colour drawing material
- Micron Pens - black .01 or .05 size
- Thin and Thick Willow Charcoal
- Compressed charcoal small box
- Conte Stick
- Blending stump and or soft rag
- White plastic erasers- recommend Staedtler
- Green or Blue Painters tape
- Latex gloves
- Drawing Board**
- Bull nose clips to hold paper on drawing board
- Portfolio to hold completed works ( purchase or homemade)
- Any other mark making supplies you may already have

Painting Supplies:
-Brushes: Round, Flat, Filbert
-Inexpensive household paint brushes
-Acrylic medium. matt/gloss)
-Green or Blue Painters tape
-Painting Knives
-Anything that can push paint around.
-Sand paper
-Vinyl Gloves, Rags

Looking for basic colours, plus these traits warm /cool and transparent /opaque colours.
(Such as Alizarin Red would be considered a cool and transparent red. Whereas Cadmium Red would be a warm /opaque red.)
- Cadmium Red Deep
- Alizarin
- Hansa Yellow
- Lemon Yellow
- Cerulean Blue
- Cobalt Blue
- Phtholo Blue or Prussian blue
- Oxide of Chrome
- Viridian
- Burnt Umber
- Raw Umber
- Yellow Orchre
- Titanium White
- Ivory Black

**Drawing boards are available at the school, first come first served .

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.