Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Drawing Space DRWG s217


Items required for the first class:

- sketchbook and/or notebook (for sketching, notes etc.)
- newsprint* 18" X 24" (pad or sheets)
- bulldog clips (2 large size)
- pencils: HB and 4B
- pencil sharpener
- white eraser

Additional supplies to be discussed at first class:

- grey kneadable eraser
- compressed charcoal
- willow sticks charcoal (soft)
- woodless graphite pencils or sticks (6B, 4B)
- India ink
- Bamboo brush, medium size (available in Chinatown)
- Hake flat brush 2"
- plastic palette with 10 wells (or plastic lids, plates or anything that can be used as a palette for inks)
-1 pad of Kraft paper 18” X 24” (available at Opus)
- Mayfair (“Accent Opaque Vellum”) large sheets 23” x 35” (available for $0.90 at Opus)
- Stonehenge* or similar good quality drawing/charcoal paper (2-3 sheets)
- hot pressed watercolour paper 90 lb (2 sheets)
- coloured paper or toned (black*/grey) paper recommended but optional
- stumping tool blender
- conté (black 2B, white)
- utility knife
- painter's masking tape
- scissors
- paper towels

The following supplies are used in most studio courses and should be included in your basic toolkit:
- pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser
- scissors
- glue stick
- sketchbook

**Paper is available for purchase at the school