Vancouver Island School of Art

2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E2

Supply List - Drawing: Exploration of Materials DRWG207-36


Items required for the first class:

-one piece of white paper (18” x 24” or larger)
-HB pencil -charcoal stick -3 or more colored pencils (any colors)
-a small object with interesting contours (like a shoe, seashell, camera etc.)
-a small towel or blanket that is large enough to cover your object

We will discuss our supply list in more detail on the first day of class, but the following are other items you may pick up or order ahead of time if you would like to get a head start on collecting your supplies for this course:
-your choice of sketch book
-a pad of newsprint (18” x 24” or larger)
-standard white eraser, pliable eraser
-one white cont้ stick
-one black cont้ stick
-one sanguine or sepia cont้ stick
-one or two sticks of charcoal
-black india ink
-one white oil stick (Note: Oil sticks are not the same as oil pastels.)
-one medium-hued oil stick (in your color choice)
-one dark-hued oil stick (in your color choice)
-spool(s) of thread (any color)
-a spool of pliable wire (any color)
-a small box of wax crayons
-acrylic paints (primary colors, and white)
-acrylic medium
-plastic container(s) for water
-an assortment of brushes
-set of graphite pencils (approximately 6H – 6B)
-set of colored pencils (primary and secondary colors)
-approx. 20 sheets of medium-weight white paper for in-class exercises (18” x 24” or larger)
-8 sheets of pastel paper: 2 sheets of black, 2 sheets of mid-grey, 4 sheets of colored
pastel paper for in-class exercises (18” x 24” or larger)
-one extra large sheet of paper (approximately 42” x 60” or larger)
-3 sheets of tracing paper (18” x 24” or larger)
-your choice of drawing papers for independent projects
-cardboard or matt board
-utility knife and/or scissors
-metal ruler
-thumb tacks
-binder clips
-masking tape
-portfolio case
-drawing board

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.