Design for Painters
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Design for Painters (FNDTs206-18)

The foundation and language of any painting is composition and colour. These two elements go hand in hand: painters often do not consider the importance of a good compositional preparation and are often unaware of how a colour palette can make a good composition an exceptional painting. Xane St Phillip uses both design and colour theory knowledge to present material and develop a painter’s toolbox, the fundamentals to create dynamic and captivating compositions. Exercises will include using paper collage to discover different approaches to composition and using a paper colour palette to understand and develop personal colour schemes. Compositions will be based on abstract designs incorporating contemporary still life set-ups. Students will make several small painted studies or maquettes based on their collage constructions during the course. Examples from the world of design and 20th & 21st century art will be given to inspire students to develop their own design language. No painting experience required.
Fridays 2pm - 5pm, May 17 - Jun 21, 2019
Xane St Phillip
Tuition: $235.00 (18 hrs)
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