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Painting: The 21st Century (AHISs217-18)

This course gives an overview of the main trends occurring in contemporary painting and will include a thematic survey of 20th and 21st century with an emphasis on artists that are practicing today. It traces the historical precedents for the current trends in art and focuses on a thematic approach to viewing artists' works. Themes addressed will include geometry, gesture, nature, bodies, architecture, narrative, decoration, fantasy, technology and science. This course will provide a whirlwind, yet comprehensive, overview of some the major artists of our generation. Course content is suitable to those wanting to learn more about contemporary art to inform their visits to museums and galleries as well as to artists who are looking for new sources of ideas and inspiration for their own work.
Fridays 2pm - 5pm, Jun 1 - Jul 6
Wendy Welch
Tuition: $235.00 (18 hrs)
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