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Students can take courses and workshops on an individual basis outside of the Certificate Program. If students want to obtain a grade for individual courses or workshops, they must fill out a 'Request for Grading' form before the second class of a course or before the start date of a workshop. Only courses that are graded can be transferred over to the Certificate program at a later date.

Please note that not more than 50% of the required hours for a Certificate program can be 'Individual Courses and Workshops'. Students must be enrolled in the program to complete the remaining 50% of the required hours. IE:

If you are taking Individual Courses and Workshops and you are considering applying to our Certificate Program at a later date, we advise you to review the mandatory course requirements.

Note: to be eligible for admission to the Vancouver Island School of Art all persons must have a high school diploma or Mature Student status (19 years or over).

The Vancouver Island School of Art is Accredited with the B.C. Private Training Institutions Branch.