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The Certificate of Visual Arts provides basic training in the fundamentals of drawing, painting, photography, art history and contemporary art. Students will finish the Certificate of Visual Arts with a comprehensive and diverse portfolio package. The Certificate of Visual Arts can be completed within nine months (September-April full-time) or over a period of four years (part-time).

Who is the Certificate of Visual Arts for?

Articulation Agreements:

Admission Requirements:

Program Application Fee
Canadian Student
International Student

Application Deadline:

Students may apply any time and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis (students wishing to apply for student loans will need to apply early to have their funding in place). We encourage September intake for enrolment in the Certificate of Visual Arts, however some exceptions can be made regarding a January intake for this program. Students applying for the January intake must exhibit prior drawing and painting experience so that they can enrol directly into Drawing: Introduction II and Painting: Introduction II (as Drawing: Intro I and Painting: Intro I are not always offered in the Winter semester).

Non-native speakers:
Please refer to the Language Proficiency Assessment Policy

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Full-time Study:

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Part-time Study:

Note: Students must register for their courses by August 15 (Fall) and December 15 (Winter) to ensure placement in required courses.

Important note for Part-time students: In addition to Fall and Winter semesters, hourly credits can be earned in workshops and in the Spring semester to accumulate the required 504 hours within a four-year time period. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure they complete the necessary requirements within the maximum allowable time. Academic Advising is available, please inquire at the office.

Required Courses:

Certificate of Visual Arts
one year full time study
Fall Semester Winter Semester
Drawing: Introduction I Drawing: Introduction II
Painting: Introduction I Painting: Introduction II
Understanding Colour Design
Art History Art History
Themes in Contemporary Art I Themes in Contemporary Art II
Elective Elective
Elective Elective

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Mature Student Status

Applicants who are 19 years of age or older, who lack the minimum program admission requirement may apply as mature students. The Director will consider written requests for admission as a mature student. Applicants are asked to provide, in writing, details of other qualifications or experiences and documents from any completed educational courses or programs. The Director may request an interview.

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Academic Advisement

If you would like to discuss your future studies at the Vancouver Island School of Art, please call 250-380-3500 or email to make an appointment for Academic Advising.

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Bursary Work/Study Program

Students who are enrolled in the Certificate program and have taken at least two 12-week courses at the Vancouver Island School of Art are eligible to apply for Bursary Work/Study. Participating students are able to work hour-for-hour for a course or courses (up to nine hours per week). For example, a student taking a 12-week course (three hours per week), they can 'pay' for this course by putting in three hours of work at the school per week. Bursary students need to commit to a regular weekly time-slot for the duration of the semester. To apply for the Program the Bursary application form must be submitted by August 31st for Fall semester and December 31st for the Winter semester.

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The Vancouver Island School of Art holds a Designation Certificate issued by the B.C. Private Training Institutions Branch.